Incompatibility of characters


Each person in this life aspires to those conditions, which, in its opinion, for it the most optimum. It is good, if with those who nearby, identical inquiries, but, unfortunately, happens differently. Worst of all, when different representations about conditions of a life and a life at native people. Causing each other a pain, relatives become enemies, and more often in their relations are not present either right, or guilty...

Pensioner Anastas has come to "Million" edition to tell about the life and how at present it does not accept the developed vital situation. And the situation is that. Since 1978 it is the mistress полуторакомнатной apartments. By the nature the woman has got used to be to itself the mistress and to live by the rules. But so it has turned out, that in 1999 her daughter with two grand daughters have been moved from the habitation for debts and have come to it. It the same year at herself also has registered all.

After the lapse of Anastas's some time has met the person to whom has passed to live, but with a condition, that once it all the same will return to the apartment. The arrangement was that and, certainly, anybody had no objections.

Within 7 years, living at the friend, it paid accounts for apartment and, from its words, no interstine friction arose. Anybody stirred to nobody. But, considering that fact that all is absolute in sew lives proceeds from the relativity theory, never you know, where and when the fire called by banal quarrels on household soil will flash.

So it has turned out here again. Friend Anastasii has died, and it, as well as has been agreed, has intended to return under the native roof. At that to time one of its grand daughters has left on earnings abroad, and the second has married and has given birth to the kid. Certainly, the apartment has got some changes, and people of a pension age, as a rule, rather negatively perceive changes of their personal life.

The woman simply did not like everything, and it is essentially cunning on time residing to the close friend, preliminary strongly having quarrelled both with the daughter, and with the grand daughter. For example, she (in spite of the fact that she takes a positive view of animals) is irritated with presence in apartment of cats which, possibly, very much love its native. One - an animal in the house for happiness, others see in it a problem. For Anastas simply thirsts a quiet old age, her daughter and the grand daughter with a family love living creatures, the vanity connected with occurrence of the child, and at them with the grandmother simply full divergence in sights.

To tell the truth, in this history guilty is not present, simply too different native people. With grand daughter Anastasii I have had a talk. From its words I have learnt, that young men shortly move to a new residence, and anybody of anything to take away from the grandmother does not intend. She, as well as wanted, will be to itself the mistress. On the upset voice of the woman I have understood, what they and the truth cannot get on, being under one roof, and continuously causing each other a pain, putting insults, unless it is possible to live a high-grade life?

Though say, that in disputes the true is born - not always these disputes benefit. Certainly, very much it would be desirable, that Anastas once has found mutual understanding with native and that in plain terms and without tears these people lived how they would like it, not causing each other sufferings.


Russian version: Несовместимость характеров чревата взаимной ненавистью
18 December 2007
Author: "Миллион"
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