Successor Lukashenko can become " iron lady " Belarus - Natalia Petkevich


The Belarus mass-media have published the specified list of the maximum Belarus officials to which entrance to the European Union and the USA is forbidden

In it after Alexander Lukashenko the assistant to the chapter of presidential administration Natalia Petkevich appears the third - it costs at once for the chief, the chapter of administration Gennady Nevyglasom. And here chairman of Belarus KGB Stepan Suhorenko, for example, borrows in it " the black list " only 22 place. So high place let and not in 33-years Natalia Petkevich's the most honourable register speaks about much. First of all - about a role which is played by this young, effective woman in present Belarus hierarchy and even in a so-called near circle of president Lukashenko, " the Independent newspaper " writes to Friday.

At the same time Natalia Petkevich - the person in the certain measure mysterious. About it a little that is known - by virtue of specificity of the post it avoids publicity, on telescreens flashes extremely seldom. In the annual collection " Events. People. The facts ", published by the state news agency BelTa, about it - some lines: was born in Minsk in 1972, in 1994 when Alexander Lukashenko only has come to power, has ended a faculty of law of the Belarus state university, in four years became the candidate of jurisprudence, defended the dissertation on legal aspects of the external economic transactions. A labour way - from the leading expert up to the head of department state and international law of the Main state legal management of administration of the president. In 2001 of the young expert has noticed Lukashenko and has made the press-secretary. Later three more years Петкевич - already the assistant to the chapter of presidential administration.

Attempts personally at Natalia Petkevich to receive any particulars, to achieve even short, let even telephone interview in what have not resulted. Through the secretary замглавы presidential administration every time refused. Polite, but firm: say, to tell about itself "does not consider it necessary", the newspaper writes.

The colleagues-journalists happening in Belarus "tops", mark this rigidity. And still - improbable working capacity. Being the presidential press-secretary, on responses of employees of administration, gave all the best, that refers to, under the full program: into all penetrated, all supervised itself - down to forming a video series in teleplots about the president. At the same time Петкевич always knew the place and a subordination did not break. This feeling of a measure, speak, has allowed it to not acquire obvious enemies in official circles and to keep благорасположение heads of the state.

Local observers mark, that, having entered in " a near circle ", Natalia Petkevich became that person who sounds ideas of the president. As Belarus political scientist Valery Karbalevich has told, it always appears with comments under the most odious decisions of president Lukashenko and its government, capable to cause a negative estimation of the public.

Having made a career jump from a chair of the press-secretary of the president in an armchair замглавы administrations, in 2005 Петкевич has developed rough activity. Became the main commentator and разъяснителем presidential initiatives. Earlier even the chapter of administration not often ventured to make such acts, probably, understanding what to interpret plans of the president it is possible and incorrect. However Петкевич safely also has resolutely crossed through these fears then for an explanation of presidential innovations to address steel to it. Де-факто this beautiful woman has combined duties of the chapter of administration and the press-secretary, " the Belarus business newspaper " marks.

Its statements about the Belarus opposition are sustained in the same tonality, as at Lukashenko. In particular, directly ahead of elections when the authority intimidation tried to not admit an output on the area not concordant with results of voting of Byelorussians, Петкевич too put political opponents of the president on a place. " To deduce people on March, 19th on the area is a unique chance of opposition to fulfil the money received from the western sponsors ", - it has told.

Петкевич, the vice-president of the Incorporated civil party of Belarus Lyudmila Grjaznova considers, has promoted first of all on demonstration of special fidelity to the president. " And on it hardly has not lost. Its political amendments to the Criminal code which have actually pressed to a wall all the Belarus nongovernmental organizations, were so rigid, that have caused grumble even in officials with the experience ", - has told Грязнова.

As she said, across Minsk one time even hearings have spread, that positions of the presidential favourite are not too strong, that to it already look for a place easier". The end to hearings was put by Alexander Lukashenko. As a result the youngest Belarus government official Natalia Petkevich not only has kept a post, but as speak, even has received even greater trust of the head of the state.

At the same time about Natalia Petkevich seldom speak as about possible преемнице Lukashenko on presidential to a post. " The begun 12 more years back selection has allowed president Lukashenko to grow up type of the official ideally suitable present system ", - political scientist Valery Karbalevich has explained features of personnel selection of operating Belarus authority. - Any system selects the staff under a problem which faces to this system. Proceeding from it in authoritative Belarus people executive, rigid, with authoritative style of work and betraid personally to the president " are demanded. Карбалевич considers, that Natalia Petkevich as anybody another corresponds to these criteria. As it is capable to guess and even to foresee what wanted by the head of the state.

In presidential administration Petkevich coordinates work of National assembly, legal bodies, including judicial. And recently the president has charged to it to supervise also the commission under the pardon. And as now from submission of this commission any decision of court, any penalty and any term of the conclusion under the guard can be cancelled, officials without helps understand, with whom they should deal first of all.

Recently Lukashenko has declared to the true propagandist and the propagandist the maximum, presidential gratitude - " For the significant personal contribution to development and perfection of the legislation of republic, fruitful work to state bodies ". In opinion of Belarus light this gratitude costs much, concludes the edition.

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09 June 2006
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